22 Tips For Local Business Bloggers

I speak to many local business owners who are still not blogging regularly for their business, or many not blogging at all.

Some of the reasons they give are …

Not enough time
Don’t know what to say
Can’t see the benefits

But many local businesses are now acknowledging that it could be beneficial for business, but are still not quite sure why it would be so useful.

I try to explain that it is the perfect medium to build a community, and it is the perfect place to drive all tha…

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Facebook Gets Pinspired

Facebook are launching an assault on Pinterest, with their newly unveiled ‘Collections’.

‘Collections’ enables businesses to showcase and sell their products. The actions you can take include ‘want’, ‘like’ and ‘collect’, and will appear in newsfeeds.

So readers will be able to check out the collections, share things that interest them, and even click through and buy the items on the seller’s websites.

Are Facebook noticing the massive popularity of Pinterest, and making a move to creat…

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How To Use The ‘All In One SEO Plugin’

This is part 3 in a series of posts about SEO – look out for future articles
Part 1 in this series covered Google’s Algorithm Change and Part 2 discussed ‘6 On Page SEO Factors’.

This article will explain how to use the ‘All In One SEO Plugin’, to ensure that you have the correct tags on all your WordPress pages and posts.

Once you have downloaded and activated the plugin, go to the configuration page and make sure the plugin is enabled on this page.

You can then set the Home…

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6 On Page SEO Factors That Get You Found In Google

This is Part 2 in a series of posts about SEO – look out for future articles.
Earlier on in the week I wrote about Google’s Latest ‘Mini’ Algorithm Change, which led me to consider just what the average blogger really understands about SEO.

It is a massively confusing subject, and in this …

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How To Put Widgets In Your Tumblr Blog

As part of my Blogging and Content Syndication strategy I recently set up a blog over on Tumblr.

It was quite easy to set up and choose a theme. However I wanted to set up my Facebook Like Box and my Twitter stream in the sidebar, and thought this would be simple but found that it was not that easy.

So to save you time if you are in this situation here’s how to do it…..

Here is my Tumblr Blog












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LinkedIn Endorsements vs Recommendations – Which Do You Prefer?

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature called endorsements – have you noticed this yet?
You can read more about this new feature on the LinkedIn Blog

Users can now endorse members of their network, as another form of reference in addition to the LinkedIn recommendation feature.

It is much easier to give endorsements as opposed to recommendations, and pulls the endorsement given from your ‘Skills’ section on LinkedIn – so make sure this is completed on your profile.
But do Linkedin…

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What Is Curated Content and How Do You Use It?

I am currently taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge with Michelle Schaeffer, and Michele Scism.

Now I do not know whether I will be able to post 31 times during October, but I will try my best.

What will happen though when I simply cannot think of anything at all to write about?

Will I give in and just not do a post on these ‘lack of inspiration’ days?

What would you do?

It is a fact that the more quality content you have on yo…

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Google’s Algorithm Change – What Animal Is It This Time?

This is Part 1 in a series of posts about SEO – look out for future articles.
Google have just announced a ‘small’ algorithm change that will possibly change the way that exact match domains appear in search results.
So no animal names this time and Matt Cutts has stated that this change is not related to the Panda and Penguin changes.. see his tweets…

The Panda change was targeting low q…

Google Algorithm Change

Timeline Slicer Pro Review

Watch the video…

How To Get Your Image Into Google Search Results

Have you ever wondered how to get your image to appear in the Google search results like the example below?

This is known as a rich snippet and it stands out more and gives the author more credibility.

This is what you need:-

A Google + account
A recognisable headshot as your profile photo in Google +
An email address on the domain name of the site on which you have the content
A byline on each post you publish, which matches the name on your Google + profile

You will need t…

Get Your Image in Google Search….

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