Video Challenge Day 2

Here’s my Day 2 video.

I have been lucky enough to win a place on Christine Gallagher’s 3 Day Event ‘Get Out There Live’ on 12th November in Philadelphia.

Now that is great news because live events really fire up your enthusiasm and fill you with new ideas, not to mention the fantastic people you meet and often keep in touch with afterwards. I love making new friends whether that is in real life or virtually.

However this is a big thing for me because I have never flown on my own before…

Watch the video here…


Video Challenge Day 1

Well I finally decided to do it – something that I have been putting off for so long now.

But something that I needed to do in order to move my business forward – well I did it!

I finally did it!

What am I talking about? Video of course.

Now I have been creating videos for some time now BUT I have never put myself in them before – I have always hidden behind a screen doing how to screen capture videos but no more – here I am – Day 1 of my Challenge

Thanks to my friend Bonnie at PL…

Watch the video here…

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