7 Facebook Changes You Should Know About


Facebook, as we all know are constantly changing, and it is often very difficult to keep up with all these changes.

This video explains 7 recent timeline changes which you perhaps have not even noticed.

Facebook’s Help page on Facebook Offers

Techcrunch Article on Facebook Offers

More about Facebook Collections

Do you often get stuck for inspiration when trying to think up things to post to Facebook and Twitter?

Why not claim your Social Media …

Watch the Facebook Timeline Changes video here…


Are You Using Your Facebook Profile For Business?

Do you use your Facebook profile for business? Did you know that Facebook are on the warpath – and if you do use your profile for business they are looking for you!
Check out this CNN article from earlier this year, where Facebook confirm that 83 million accounts are fakes or duplicates (they class fakes as profiles under a business name) and that Facebook will immediately disable any accounts that break their terms and conditions.

Facebook would like you to use a Business Page for promoting…

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7 Top Tips For Essential Facebook Etiquette

There are many unspoken rules of etiquette on Facebook.
The following tips are my own personal perceptions of what I feel is acceptable for social interaction on the worlds largest social media platform. You may disagree – that’s fine – if you do let me know by making a comment.
Think Before You Post
You may have many friends from every walk of life with different beliefs and opinions, so be mindful of that when saying something on your wall which could offend or give the wrong impression of …

More about Facebook etiquette…

Facebook Gets Pinspired

Facebook are launching an assault on Pinterest, with their newly unveiled ‘Collections’.

‘Collections’ enables businesses to showcase and sell their products. The actions you can take include ‘want’, ‘like’ and ‘collect’, and will appear in newsfeeds.

So readers will be able to check out the collections, share things that interest them, and even click through and buy the items on the seller’s websites.

Are Facebook noticing the massive popularity of Pinterest, and making a move to creat…

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