22 Tips For Local Business Bloggers

I speak to many local business owners who are still not blogging regularly for their business, or many not blogging at all.

Some of the reasons they give are …

Not enough time
Don’t know what to say
Can’t see the benefits

But many local businesses are now acknowledging that it could be beneficial for business, but are still not quite sure why it would be so useful.

I try to explain that it is the perfect medium to build a community, and it is the perfect place to drive all tha…

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How To Put Widgets In Your Tumblr Blog

As part of my Blogging and Content Syndication strategy I recently set up a blog over on Tumblr.

It was quite easy to set up and choose a theme. However I wanted to set up my Facebook Like Box and my Twitter stream in the sidebar, and thought this would be simple but found that it was not that easy.

So to save you time if you are in this situation here’s how to do it…..

Here is my Tumblr Blog












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What Is Curated Content and How Do You Use It?

I am currently taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge with Michelle Schaeffer, and Michele Scism.

Now I do not know whether I will be able to post 31 times during October, but I will try my best.

What will happen though when I simply cannot think of anything at all to write about?

Will I give in and just not do a post on these ‘lack of inspiration’ days?

What would you do?

It is a fact that the more quality content you have on yo…

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How To Get Your Image Into Google Search Results

Have you ever wondered how to get your image to appear in the Google search results like the example below?

This is known as a rich snippet and it stands out more and gives the author more credibility.

This is what you need:-

A Google + account
A recognisable headshot as your profile photo in Google +
An email address on the domain name of the site on which you have the content
A byline on each post you publish, which matches the name on your Google + profile

You will need t…

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I Got My Image Into Google Search Results!

My previous post outlined the steps I took to attempt to get my image next to my results in Google search – and guess what I did it!
From my research I had thought that it might be quite difficult and that Google need to consider your site an authority or that it will take months – well, I did it in just a few days.
Here are some of my results – page 1 for that previous post –

Here are the results from a previous post–

So it is quite cool to get your image right there next to th…

Get Your Image In Search Results….

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